Baker’s Hill Gardens

Baker’s Hill Bakery and Theme Park

Baker’s Hill is one of the top tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa. It’s a bakery/theme park on the top of a hill if not the highest with good views of Puerto Princesa.

Baker’s Hill – Bakery and Theme Park

Baker’s Hill starting as a simple bakery it has developed into a mini park associated establishments such as, the baker’s kitchen, pizza house, hula shake, snack bar, souvenir shop, view deck, etc.
There baked goodies – their hopias, and their hilltop location of course is what made Baker’s Hill really really famous.

Beautiful Floating Flowers

What caught my attention are pretty and colorful floral arrangements scattered around the park. They are different and breaking to me. They’re made petals of different types of flowers arranged beautifully which are made to float on water. They are really very nice to look at. I hope to replicate a smaller version at home.

A never ending flower and garden show.

The themed park has beautiful gardens and landscape plantings, rest and sitting areas, a lot of character figurines making great photo opportunities for kids and families scattered around the park. It is like a year round flower and garden show that never closes.
As a professional horticulturalist and landscape designer/manager Baker’s Hill is one of the best gardens I have seen in the Philippines. I traveled all the way to Palawan to visit the Underground River and Baker’s Hills was a great big bonus!

Bakers Hill’s Gardens and Landscapes Creator

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