In September 1995, I joined a group to explore Bali and cruise on the Pinisi schooner Wisata Bahari to the Nusa Teggara region of Indonesia. stopping at Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons, Riung and Maumere-Flores to watch the sunrise on Mount Keli Mute to see the three volcanic lakes change color in the sunrise.

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White water rafting on Bali.

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The Pinisi schooner, Wisata Bahari.

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Enjoying the sun and cruise.


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The Group at a village visit.

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With the Captain.


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Visiting the Komodo Dragons


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Our beach hut on Maumere


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Sunrise on Mount Keli Mutu, with its three volcanic lakes.


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At the Honolulu Airport heading home.