Dinner at Baywalk

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk is Palawan’s very own version of our Manila Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard. It’s located beside the port area and is walking distance from the Puerto Princesa public market and business center. A couple days later after dinner at Baywalk, a friend and I walked from the business center to Puerto Princesa Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel which are situated nearby.

Baywalk Park is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in the island. Aside from its relaxing ambiance, the Baywalk Park also houses a number of restaurants, which offers grilled food and aphrodisiacs including Crocodiles and Frogs. Students, Lovers are a regular visitor of the Palawan Baywalk.

Hosting Dinner

One our our first evenings in Puerto Princesa I hosted dinner for Rico mu travel companion and several of his friends. Baywalk food stalls and restaurants are less expensive then regular sit down service because to pick the fish, seafood, crocodile, frogs, etc you want by the kilo along with vegetables. Then the food stall vendor’s kitchen bbq’s or cooks your food as you specify. It’s best to go as a group as there is a lot of food to eat. Being next to the port there is the sound  lapping water and fresh sea breezes, along with the tweets of the birds making Baywalk more relaxing.



Puerto Princesa City Baywalk used to be a squatters area but after a fire swallowed the houses of the people, they were no longer allowed to rebuilt houses. The city developed the area into a tourist and local destination the City Baywalk to unwind and relax.

The former residents were of course not taken for granted. The city built a tenement for them a few meters from the Baywalk, where they now live. They were asked to take care of the  Baywalk  and were allowed to make a living out of selling barbecues and “pasalubong” souvenirs for a livelihood.

Barbecue stalls are alive and a lot of people eat and dine at Baywalk. The area is actively guarded by Barangay “tanods” police officers. They make sure no beggars are strolling around. They even catch them if they are seen asking for money or food in the dining areas.

At night Baywalk lights up and looks festive everywhere. Families come during the day and evening for bicycle and pedicab riding. There are amusement rides nearby, so if you prefer to hop on the rides or gamble and play you can check them out there too.

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