Fishing on Puerto Bay

First Morning in Puerto Princesa Fishing on Puerto Bay


Our first morning in Puerto Princesa we were joined by Neptalie’s friends Yor Ollave and Edgar Nonong to go fishing on Puerto Bay. We rose early, had a light breakfast, Neptalie grabbed some starter bait from the kitchen and we boarded our Bangka, a motorized Filipino outrigger canoe.

Our home stay is with Dave and Liezel Magboo in Brgy. Tiniguiban across the bay from Puerto Princesa fishing and shipping pier. It was about a thirty minute ride across the bay to the fishing area Edgar selected. Serge Dave watched the water’s service for ripples and fish.

We dropped anchor and settled in for a morning of hand fishing. We didn’t have fishing poles but used hand lines wrapped on plastic water bottles. They worked. Each water bottle hand line had a piece of tiebar for a sinker and two hooks. Neptalie and Yor Ollave baited up the hooks. They dispatched their lines to the bottom of the bay which was 3 to 4 meters deep. Shortly Neptalie had the first strike. Neptalie was excited by his “cute” little two-inch fish as he smiled and was so happy.

We continued fishing for several hours moving the canoe every now and then. Everyone caught some fish. I finally caught one, a 2-3 incher. All total around twenty fish we took home and had for breakfast Friday morning. The smaller fish we caught Yor Ollave and Edgar filleted for more bait.

It was a fun morning on Puerto Bay. Following fishing Edgar gave us a outrigger canoe tour of Puerto Bay seeing the houses, businesses, fish holding tanks, schools and a university all right on the bay.

The bangka tour took us to our home stay at the Magboo’s home which was right on the bay in the mangroves of Tiniguiban.

Fishing on Puerto Bay

Hand Fishing

Sightseeing Tour of Puerto Bay


The Fishing Party


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