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The Newville Fountain was constructed in 1896 and is the center-point and pride of Newville. The Fountain Festival is held in June each year.

The Facebook Newville Fountain Page documents and promotes events and activities at Fountain Square, Newville, PA. We share the historical photographs and events of The Fountain. Fountain Square is the venue for Memorial Day, Fountain Festival, 9/11, Veterans Day and Christmas observances in Newville. Reviewing stands for parades are set up opposite The Fountain. There is an Annual Breakfast at the Fountain on the Saturday of The Fountain Festival. Wedding ceremonies and family pictures are often taken at The Fountain.


The History of the Fountain – Schreffler Family Connection.

Old Fountain.jpg (62823 bytes)

The Fountain prior to 1906.

SchrefflerGroupPhoto6-15-96.JPG (77214 bytes)

The 100th Fountain Party Photo — June 15, 1996

Family, relatives, and genealogy will always be important to me. A highlight was getting family members together for the 100th birthday party of the building of the town fountain in my hometown — Newville, Pennsylvania.