1981 to 1983

Jasna Polana Estate

Mr. & Mrs. J. Seward Johnson
8 Lawrenceville Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Head of Estate Grounds Department. Planned, Coordinated, directed, supervised the grounds management operations of the 144-acre estate. This included fine lawns, a bowling green, formal gardens, perennial garden, vegetable and fruit gardens, a 6,000 sq. ft. greenhouse range, a collection of tree roses and gardenias, and a orchid collection. Managed a diverse variety of farm and landscape equipment. Purchased ground supplies and equipment. Managed in-house and contractual tree care, pesticide and herbicide programs, and landscape installation and planting. Coordinated gardening routines with other estate activities.

Demonstrated accomplishments included improving grounds maintenance, turf management, greenhouse operations, and overall estate appearance. Reduced man-hour requirements for leaf collection and landscape clean up. Cataloged plants; established and managed inventory of equipment and supplies.

Pictures circa. 1981-1983

JP_sculpture_terrace_view.JPG (62240 bytes)

Overview of the water garden

JP_pond.JPG (71027 bytes)

Henry Moore sculpture at the pond

JP_sculpture_terrace.JPG (79764 bytes)

Sculpture in the water garden

JP_flower_terraces.JPG (62557 bytes)

The Flower Terraces

JP_flower_terraces_walk.JPG (92941 bytes)

Walking in the Flower Terraces

JP_gardenia_driveway.JPG (56469 bytes)

Tree gardenias at the front Mansion entrance

house gate.gif (25343 bytes)

JP_Kitchen_garden.JPG (70008 bytes)

Aerial view of the herb garden

mansion2.jpg (19492 bytes)

Front gates at the Mansion



  The Tournament Players Club at JASNA POLANA



Basia Johnson, the widow of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company heir J. Seward Johnson Sr. opted to turn Jasna Polana (which means bright meadow in Polish) into a golf course.

But no ordinary golf course, mind you. Just as she has made a name in the art world collecting religious art and other museum-quality pieces, Johnson aims to make Jasna Polana a name to reckon with by transforming her estate into a site worthy of world class tournament play. She’s planning to spend $15 million to do it, too (Forbes magazine has estimated Johnson’s worth at $900 million).

Johnson hired golf great Gary Player to design the course, expected to be ready for play in 1997. Her mansion, home to her art collection, is the clubhouse.