2004 to 2005

Smithsonian Institution

Horticulture Services Division
Greenhouse Nursery Branch
3700 North Capitol Street, NW
Washington, DC 20317

Serves as a Horticulturist in the Greenhouse Nursery Branch, (GNB), of the Smithsonian Institution, and reports directly to the Supervisory Horticulturist of the GNB. Manages the planning and cultivation of a diverse variety of specialized plant material at the GNB. Responsibilities include: planning, scheduling, procurement, cultivation, and distribution. Produces inventory reports, administrative records, brochures, and interpretive label text. Verifies nomenclature of plant material used in exterior and/or interior displays. Maintains a database of interpretive label material and section’s activities on the computer or automated system. Prepares computerized production schedules and reports. Conducts space assessments and determines production requirements. Insures that all plant material, seeds, and supply requisitions are submitted. Coordinates Integrated Pest Management within section and insures proper pesticide applications are performed. Applies fertilizers, soil amendments, and pesticides. Coordinates educational programs and gives multiple lectures, tours and training on horticulture topics to the general public, staff, and professional organizations. Leads teams and committees in designing, planning and coordinating exhibits, programs and administrative functions. Develops budgets, reviews contracts and initiates supply requisitions. On call in for duty during emergencies, such as snowstorms, and for work on weekends.

District of Columbia and Maryland Certified Pesticide Applicator License.

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One of my duties was transporting and staging palms and table decorations for Smithsonian Events. 

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Jason, left and Ed in protective clothing for pesticide application.

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Palms in my care at the greenhouses.


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Andrew Jackson Downing Memorial Urn

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The Castle gardens.

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Andrew Jackson Downing plaque.

Smithsonian Institution Horticulture