Squid to Market

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Squid Heading to Manila Market

The end of March I spent a couple days in San Antonio, Zambales visiting my friend Mark. On Wednesday, March 29, 2017 my traveling companion Dave and I headed to the beach and to do some sightseeing. After a stop at Casa San Miguel we went to the San Miguel public beach where we found squid being weighted and loaded for shipment to the Manila Seafood Market.

The ladies told us that this was the fourth truck today. They started about 4am loading the first truck. On the parking area were tubs and tubs of squid in iced water waiting to be weighted and loaded onto the truck. First they were drained in plastic crates, then weighted, then carried over to the truck to be iced down for the trip to Manila.

There was a lady in charge tabulating each tub of squid at it was weighted. There are a lot of ladyfolk monitoring the weighting and tabulation of their own tubs of squid. Seems there is a division of labor here. The men go out at night fishing and the women watch the catch getting loaded for market. I was told this day the average net profit for the squid per banga boat was 4500 to 5000 pesos. Not a bad living it you can do this many days a week.

In summer San Miguel has it own Pusit or Squid Fiesta each year. Of course their is a Pusit Parade and a Pusit Cooking Contest.

Here are my pictures from that day in San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales.

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