“Suan Toth” that’s Thai for Toth’s Garden. I picked this name because of learning Thai in the Army and spending over a year in Bangkok. Suan could mean any kind of vegetable farm or garden. There have been incarnations of Suan Toth and a specialize vegetable garden when I lived in Far Hills, New Jersey.

The Far Hills garden ws at my home in the Leonard J. Buck Garden, Somerset County Park Commission when I was Supervisor of Horticulture Services. I idea  was my the year I was Curator, National Country Garden at the U.S. National Arboretum. Pictures of all the gardens are on this website.

Suan Toth I was the garden I created at my Green Court home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was my opportunity to create  dynamic garden in a small space. This was my recreation and relief during the DeckScaping Limited – Archadeck of Greater Harrisburg days. This was the best soil I ever had for a garden. I was flood plain from the Susquehanna River. A real garden loam. Lots of pictures here from the beginnings in 1993 until I sold the property in 2002 and move to Maryland.

Suan Toth II I got to start all over again. Working  from a blank turfed lot I created a private personal retreat. It was my park and full time resort. The soil here was all sand. I installed my own water lines outside for the garden three feet deep. Pure sand. Excellent drainage. Water and nutrients just leached quickly. I spent 10 years adding organic matter from chipping and grinding branches and leaves. Collected neighbors leaves in the fall to add organic matter. Purchased many truck loads of mulch. Even installed drip irrigation to help in dry summer months. Yes the water bill for July and August was high. Pictures here from 2002 until I sold the Jessup home and garden in August 2012.

Suan Toth III I don’t know as of this writing whether I will have the opportunity to create a new tropical garden here in the Philippines or not. It I build a house yes. Otherwise I will just have to content with a patio and containerized gardening.