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The Toth’s of Lonya , Hungary.

Esther Molnar Toth and Ferencz Toth
Esther Molnar Toth and Ferencz Toth


Ference Toth and Esther Molnar with children Bert, Esther and Emma arrived at Ellis Island on Feb. 9, 1912 from Lonya, Hungary which is on the border with Ukraine.

Ference Toth was born on 21 Jan 1867 in Botrahd, Hungary. He died on 27 Apr 1956 in Strongstown, PA. He married Esther Molnar. She was born on 22 Aug 1870 in Botrahd, Hungary. She died on 26 Jan 1960 in Strongstown, PA.

Notes for Ference Toth:
Served in Hungary Calvary for 3 years, came to US, worked in mines at Heilwood, returned to Hungary to bring family to US. Lived on company farm at Wherum. Worked on roads, C&I Railroad.

Notes for Esther Molnar:
Four boys died in Hungary between Esther and Bert.